How to Enter Recovery Mode on Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6 can be easily customized and optimized if you first learn how to enter and use recovery mode. That’s why I have decided to assist you; so during the following lines I will try to teach you everything that’s related to the recovery software and of course, in the end I will show you how to easily reboot your Samsung Galaxy S6 into recovery mode, so stay close and check it all out.

We can talk about two states when it comes to recovery mode: your Galaxy S6 can run on stock recovery or, you can choose to replace this default feature with a custom recovery image. Right from the start you should know that entering recovery mode can be completed in the same way for both stock and custom recovery. But, until discussing about the reboot sequence, let’s see what other things you should know about this in built feature.

Yes, in built, as your Samsung Galaxy S6 is installed by default with the stock / official recovery image. This is a hidden environment that links the internal system of your Lollipop based device with you, the user. That’s why if you learn how to enter and use the recovery mode, you can then tweak your SGS6.

Of course, your access is limited when it comes to the stock recovery feature, so if you will want to have full control over your Galaxy S6, first you will have to flash a custom recovery image, like CWM or TWRP recovery – do note that this will be an unofficial operation, thus the warranty of your device will get void.

As far as we talk about rebooting into recovery mode, you will be in safe hands – the reboot operation is official and you don’t have to use complex or risky tools while trying to enter this environment on your Galaxy S6 (so, you won’t lose the warranty of your phone).

Good; well, that’s everything you need to know before applying the guidelines from below. Of course, if you are planning in performing an unofficial operation through recovery mode, first backup your data and follow further dedicated tutorials in order to avoid unpleasant situations from taking place.

How to Enter Recovery Mode on Galaxy S6

Use the default reboot method

  1. Power off your Samsung Galaxy S6 – completely, don’t just reboot your phone.
  2. Wait a few moments.
  3. Then press Power, Volume Up and Home buttons at the same time and keep pressing these keys until the recovery mode appears on your smartphone.
  4. In recovery you can navigate by using the Volume Up and Down buttons while you can select something by pressing once on Power button.
  5. You can go back to Android OS by selecting “reboot system now”.

Use a third party app

If you have hard times in getting used with the hardware combination from above, try to use a third party app in order to put your Samsung Galaxy S6 into recovery mode. Thus, access Google Play on your device and download the Quick Boot software. Initiate the app on your device, choose “recovery” from its main menu and then wait while your phone is automatically rebooted into recovery mode.

Enter ADB Commands

If you are an advanced Android user who is used with complex operations, then you might probably want to learn how to reach recovery mode by using Android SDK. Thus, on a computer where Android SDK is installed, you will have to initiate just one adb command. But first, connect your Galaxy S6 with your PC and on the Android SDK folder open a command prompt window – you can do that by right clicking on any blank space (press Shift keyboard key while doing that). Good; then, in the cmd window type “adb reboot recovery” and wait while your SGS6 is being rebooted automatically.


Well, that was all; those are the easiest ways in which you can access the recovery mode menu on your own Samsung Galaxy S6, so enjoy.

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