How to Take a Hands-free Galaxy S8 Selfie

The much about smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched for a while, but I still feel the excitement. Amongst the many features, I must tell you about that sharp selfie cam and improved rear shooter. S8’s 12-megapixel rear camera might seem to be unchanged from the one on last year’s S7, yet Samsung made some important software enhancements. And things are better than ever with that higher-resolution, 8-MP front cam, and you get a phone that provides better pictures no matter which shooter you’re using.

Despite of that, the truth is that taking a selfie using your smartphone has never been an easy thing to do until you get used to the handset that you own. You practically have to over extend your arm while keeping yourself or others in the frame, then tapping the shutter button while still keeping a secure grip on your phone.

Do you know what I am talking about? The good news is that Samsung has made this struggle easier on users by incorporating different ways to snap a photo while taking a selfie (selfie mode is activated by swiping up or down on the view finder).

Do you know that you can get the perfect selfie by simply pressing the heart rate sensor (not the fingerprint reader) on the back of the device? As long as the photo is only snapped when you let go of the heart rate sensor, you can have your finger resting on it the entire time while you frame your shot, letting go to release the shutter.

And there is a second procedure too: you basically have to hold your palm up next to your face. The camera will immediately recognize your palm and begin counting down to the shot. However, make sure you keep your Galaxy S8 phone steady or else the results might not be as good as excepted.

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