Flash Android 7.0 N Preview Build 2 on Google Nexus 6

This latest preview of Android N fixes a few bugs that many of you helped identify and besides that, it also packs some amazing features such as Launcher shortcuts (apps can define shortcuts which users can expose in the launcher to help them perform actions quicker), Emoji Unicode 9 support (this version is introducing a new emoji design for people emoji that prefer a more human-looking design), API changes (with refined features such as multi-window support, notifications), and others.

In order to get all these, this guide is here to help you – i will show you how to install the Android 7.0 N Preview Build 2 update on your Google Nexus 6, but not before properly following the preparatory steps. First of all, this will wipe your device and erase all user data, settings, pictures, videos, contacts and so on. As this will erase everything, it’s your duty to take a backup in order to avoid any unpleasant situation.

Up next, enter into Developer Options under Settings and enable the USB Debugging. If you cannot find Developer Options, then go to Settings> About Phone and tap 7 times on the Build Number section; next, you must get back to Settings, scroll down and there you should be able to finally find the Developer Options section.

Another essential aspect is to verify the battery charge level of your Nexus 6. If you notice any problem (for example, the battery charge level shows less than 60%), my advice is to plug in the charger before you initiate the Android 7.0 N Preview Build 2 download and installation process as this will prevent your Nexus 6 from switching off while you are installing the ROM.

No less important, setup the Android SDK for your computer. This will allow your computer to detect the phone and you should be able to complete the installation without any problems, so take it from here. Install it on your PC and then, go to SDK install folder and find the SDK Manager executable. After the executable is launched, you can use SDK Manager interface to install all necessary Android drivers and SDK packages.

And do not try to update any other Android devices with the files that you will find in this post; this won’t work, I can assure you of that, just as you have to understand that you are the only one responsible for the safety of your device.

How to Flash Android 7.0 N Preview Build 2 on your Google Nexus 6:

  1. For the start, enter here to grab the factory image archive;
  2. After that, do not hesitate to extract the files from the archive;
  3. After you have the Android N preview 2 system image unzipped, you will need to find the platform-tools folder (you have obtained this exact folder while setting up the SDK);
  4. Turn off your Nexus 6 device;
  5. Boot it in Fastboot Mode;
  6. Connect the PC and the device via the original USB cord;
  7. Find your way to the ‘platform-tools’ folder where you’ve extracted the installation files;
  8. Now, launch flash-all.bat installer script;
  9. Confirm the Android 7.0 N Developer Preview installation procedure;
  10. Do you want all these changes saved? Then, reboot your Nexus 6 device in normal mode.

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