Enjoy Dual Whatsapp Accounts in one Android Phone

You probably know that Whatsapp is one of the biggest messaging apps of the moment as long as it has more than 700 million users and I have a feeling that you are one of them as well.

Do you want to improve your experience and get the best out of your account? For example, many of you have complained about the fact they cannot run dual Whatsapp in their Android devices.

Yes, there is that OGWhatsapp Method saying that it can offers us all exactly what we want, so if this your wish as well, what are you waiting for?

Below I am presenting you how to use two Whatsapp accounts in one Android phone, but for that to be possible, your handset must be rooted. Up next, create a backup of your Whatsapp Messenger.

Enjoy Dual Whatsapp Accounts in one Android Phone:

  1. Uninstall the Whats app from your mobile device;
  2. Then, go to your File Explorer and Rename your Whatsapp directory to OGWhatsapp;
  3. It’s time to download OGWhatsapp by accessing this direct link;
  4. Install the OGWhats app onto our Android device;
  5. Verify it with your Old Whatsapp Number. Now again install whatsapp from your Google Play Store account and install it in your device;
  6. Now, verify your new number in official Whatspp;
  7. As you can see, you have two Whatsapp in a single phone;
  8. That was all! Be sure that now you have 2 Whatsapp accounts on the very same Android phone.

So, do you know any other trick with the same result? If yes, I would love to find all about it in comments below.

And in case of experiencing any sort of issue while applying the steps from this guide, then feel free to use the contact form and ask for my help or directly comment below. I will do my best to help you as soon as possible.

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