RoboKiller gives you Complete Control over Unwanted Calls

We all dream of freedom from phone harassment, robocalls, and telemarketing spam calls. Is it such a hard thing to get these days? Nobody likes unwanted calls, so Google does its best to help identify spam phone numbers and block them. But if you want complete control over this problem, you need to do a bit more than that.

At the same time, depending on your current Android phone, you may have an app preinstalled and ready to use. If not, pop over to either the Google Play Store to download one by yourself. If you are being harassed by blocked calls from private numbers, I can assure you of the fact that RoboKiller will solve your problem.

RoboKiller boasts a database that contains data on more than 100,000 numbers from around the world, giving it robust Caller ID capabilities. This call screen app identifies the robocalls and spam calls and successfully blocks the spam calls.

And the super caller ID feature can display caller name, address, and even photos. You can check the spam box for blocked callers and also list them while they call, so how to complain? Are you ready for a change?

Feeling vengeful?

The app is free to download, making it very attractive, so you know what you have to do: RoboKiller is waiting for you.

Are you feeling vengeful though? Instead of simply forgetting about these spam calls, for just $2.99 per month, you can give the spammers a treat they haven’t seen coming.

RoboKiller doesn’t simply block calls, but it can also answer them for you. Answer Bots are prerecorded voice snippets designed to simulate conversation, so they’re what you’ve been looking for. They take your spam call and analyze voice patterns, so even if your spammer is using a spoofed local number, they’re still caught.

And the results are funnier than I’ve imagined. There’s a special RoboRadio where you can enjoy listening to the Answer Bots taking revenge. That’s how you can get your own revenge on the spammers!

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