How to Use Easy Home Mode Feature on LG G4

Are you new to the Android platform, or you are using a LG branded device for the first time? I am sure of the fact that you have been fascinated by LG G4, but the entire experience can be a little confusing. Then, you should know the fact that the Easy Home mode is right for you. Similar to Samsung and other manufacturers which have used us with their Easy Mode, it seems that LG also has an “Easy Home” launcher that changes the entire look of the smartphone.

Easy Home comes with large icons and text, with a huge calendar and weather widgets, simple shortcuts to your favorite contacts that are easier than ever to customize, and a few other things to simplify the smartphone. This mode that I am talking about also eliminates the app drawer like a traditional launcher and it displays all your apps installed on several difference home screens. If you love using apps, then be prepared for several home screens full of them.

So, as I have said it from the start, the launcher is ideal for those new to Android, but be sure that it is also recommended to those with poor vision (the large text and icons really make it much easier to see and use) or to seniors and other users who prefer the handset for its basic functionality and nothing more than that: I am referring to using it for calling, texting and capturing the special moments with the camera.

How to Use Easy Home on your LG G4:

  1. Head into Settings by pulling down the notification bar and hit settings, or navigate into the application tray and find the gear-shaped setting button;
  2. Hit the Display option;
  3. Choose Home Screen;
  4. Then, also choose Home;
  5. The device is using the standard Home, so just tap the Easy Home option in order to select it;
  6. Keep in mind that it takes about 1-2 seconds to apply, and you’re done;
  7. Tap the circle home button and you’ll have a completely new, easy to use smartphone with three rows of large icons showing most of the popular apps such as camera, photo gallery, phone, contacts, messaging app, clock, music, and the Google Play Store to find and download apps;
  8. You can also find a simple + button which is there to open the app tray and you simply tap any icon to add it to your homescreen;
  9. If too many are added, then they will show up on the second screen to the right of the main home page;
  10. Swipe from right to left to pan over and quick access to the application tray;
  11. The left side of the main screen also lets you add 12 of their favorite contacts right to the homescreen for easy access;
  12. If you ever decide to go back to the old system simply navigate back to Settings > Display > Homescreen and feel free to select the regular home to revert the LG G4 back to the way it was out of the box.

With this Easy Home Launcher you have turned the LG G4 smartphone into a regular phone. Enjoy it!

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