Dealing with a Problem: Imbalanced Pixel 3 Speakers

Here I am with a fresh article about the Pixel 3 handset that you love and a quite annoying speaker imbalance problem. Like it or not, I will get straight to the issue’s heart. One of the speakers is louder than the other. People who own the phones claimed that with music playing, covering the top speaker doesn’t show much of a difference. However, covering the bottom speaker almost mutes the phone.

The bottom speaker grill is larger than the top speaker grill. And with a device such as the Pixel 3, it seems that size matters! So, the bottom speaker is louder than the top speaker. This results in a sound imbalance that sounds sound familiar.

It happened before on the Nexus 6 handset and I remember how users were complaining back then. When they flipped the phone upside down, it was still the top speaker that was louder. When they turn the phone to landscape mode, it was the right speaker the louder one. Get the point? Still, I don’t find it funny at all.

So, what ‘s Google official statement on the matter?

The result of a new amplifier technology

Goggle officially stated that it specially designed speakers that allow for louder sound (40% louder than last year) and better low frequency response. It basically uses a new amplifier technology with advanced speaker protection algorithms to push these speakers harder, so is there any real problem?

Let’s add up to the list the fact that they also worked closely with the expert tuning of a “Grammy-award winning music producer to enhance the audio in a way that plays to the strengths of the hardware system”, so this sounds to me like a denial. Who needs a fix when it’s working as intended? We know though that it isn’t the truth.

Ask for a replacement

With “a Grammy-award winning music producer” or not, the company failed to create the perfect speaker. And we have no official statement regarding why the bottom speaker is so much louder than the top speaker.

Regardless of the reasoning, Google should have been able to deliver balanced output on the speakers. If your Pixel 3 has this issue, waste no more time and send it in for a replacement.

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