How to Share Facebook Photos and Videos on WhatsApp by using FbToAll app

Many people are looking for a way to share Facebook photos and videos on WhatsApp and sadly, there is no such share option to enjoy. One method is to root your device and use the Xposed Framework (here you can find a detailed guide on that), but you see what’s the issue right from the start. I am perfectly aware of the fact that not all of you are comfortable with the idea of rooting your device, therefore I think that you’ll like better this procedure which includes using the FbToAll app.

This is a special app for Android which was especially created with this idea in mind: the app is perfect for those who want to share videos and photos directly from Facebook to WhatsApp. Note that this app is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Facebook official network and even thought some of you might like that, it also means that it might not always work perfect.

Some say that it has a few issues, but I still think that it is an alternative solution for Facebook video downloader. Well, the app isn’t that fast, I know it, but is this a real problem? After pressing the share button, this can take a while so don’t hold your breath on it. However, it will get you where you want to be and this is enough for me!

How to Share Facebook Photos andVideos on WhatsApp by using FbToAll app:

  1. You can download the FbToAll app from here into your Android device;
  2. Open FbToAll and browse through Facebook;
  3. Keep in mind that sharing private videos or photos is possible, but you must first login with your Facebook account;
  4. Do you see a button called ‘SHARE VIDEO’, as well as another named ‘SHARE PIC’? Press the button according to what you want to share;
  5. The option to share to WhatsApp, Twitter, Email etc will be displayed, so choose WhatsApp to share;
  6. The Video (or photo) is automatically downloaded and reaches its new destination. That was all you had to do!

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