Top 5 Photo-Editing Apps for Android device

Photo editing on Android is still in its early stages, but things look better and better and our photos are the best proof for that.

This also becomes possible thanks to the latest photo-editing apps that make it easier than ever to enhance, crop, add effects and filters, and make the changes that you want.

Are you also looking for such a dedicated Android app?

Then, I bet that you have in mind a few key elements such as an easy to navigate and intuitive interface, comprehensive photo-editing tools, great filters and good sharing options, so here there are my suggestions:

Top 5 Photo Editor Apps for Android:

5. Retrica

This is one of my favorite choices as Retrica is much more than a colorful app, but it can let you add live filters and amazing logos to your photos. You can choose from no less than 100 filters, so be sure that you’ll never run out of ideas, not to mention that you can make collages out of consecutive photos, enjoy classic vignette borders and immediately uploade your photos to social networks.

This is indeed a simple photo taking app, but it’s special thanks to the infinite combination of live filters, layout, editing, as well as secret sharing options.

Get this app right now by accesing this link.

4. PicsPlay Pro

Do you want to retain the quality of a high-resolution photo? This app comes with an FX Studio which has about 200 filters separated in 10 distinct categories. That is how you can easily find what you’re looking for and get the best photos.

You can enjoy powerful editing tools for both beginners & professionals, you can crop photos and rotate them, adjust exposure, color, and white balance, apply stamps, vignetting, or borders and then share the photos via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Line and more.

PicsPlay Pro

PicsPlay Pro

And don’t leave aside the quick compare feature. This gives you the chance to compare your fresh edited photo to the original one and even to undo and redo certain changes.

The app can be taken for $3.99 from here.

3. Lab

One of the best new photo editors that you can choose is none other than Lab and the only choice if you enjoy frames. I am saying that as long as this app comes with over 500 frames for your photos, not to mention the thrill of experiencing various backgrounds, photo filters, collage features, the possibility to add messages or create greeting cards, and even the popular human-to-animal montage that turns your face into an animal’s face. Lab Lab

The free version has advertisements, but the paid version does not, so first give it a try and you will decide later. In any case, fun is guaranteed!

Here’s where you can find the Lab app.

2. PicSay

This is one of the most popular Photo-Editing Apps for Android. Well, some might say that this app offers nothing more than the basic features that you have already seen in other such apps too and I don’t say that they are wrong. However, this happens with the free version only, but things are different when it comes to the paid version. This is where the magic takes place as you get a robust content and extra tools starting from various filters all the way to amazing features like pressure-sensitive drawing, efficiently removing red-eye, and others.



Then, all you have to do is to share using WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or any other service that you have installed on your device, so have fun and show the world what you are capable of.

PicSay – Photo Editor is waiting for you right here.

1. Bonfire Photo Editor

This is a very powerful app with stunning effects that gives you the chance to improve your photos in a real-time way, not to mention its user-friendly interface to adjust the filters and to get the professional photos that you dream of.

Bonfire Photo Editor

Bonfire Photo Editor

Bonfire Photo Editor includes many innovative effects such as artificial intelligence enhanced Face/Selfie filters, extremely realistic painting filters like oil, surrealism, or abstract filters, not to mention all those filters like funk, tone, glass, dots, which are fun to try. That is why the app deserves the first place and it could easily become your must-have photo editor.

Download it from here.