Best Android Monitoring Apps for your Phone’s Performance

Do you also want to know what’s going on with your Android phone? If you don’t want to miss the tiniest details that are actually important, then I have something special for you.

If you are also one of those Android users who love digging deep into the technicalities of their beloved device or don’t feel comfortable without keeping an eye on their phone’s general performance and status, here you can find some of the best monitoring apps for your Android phone’s performance.

As you can see, I found Elixir 2, System Monitor and Trepn Profiler as the best tools for your needs and you will see that I am not wrong. Just keep on reading:

Best Monitoring Apps for your Phone’s Performance:

System Monitor

This is an amazing Android system information tool that cannot disappoint you as it offers ample information about each aspect of your device. With System Monitor, you have the chance to learn about your device’s hardware & software information, both running and installed applications, tasks, processes, services and more with the help of some beautiful visual charts.

In fact, the app offers tons of features that you may find useful and it’s available in both paid and lite version. My advice is to use the lite version first and buy the pro version if you feel that this is what you are looking for.

System Monitor can be found here.

Elixir 2

Why should you choose it? Well, for a free app, Elixir 2 is more functional that you might expect and is highly reviewed on the Android app market for a good reason.

If you need more system data for your Android or its apps Elixir 2 is one of the best tools available as it gives you detailed info on battery, internal/external storage, CPU, memory, wifi, bluetooth, location, display, audio, airplane mode, camera, camcorder, input devices, build, operating system, settings, configuration, clipboard, drm, environment variables, media effects, and the list can continue.

Elixir 2

Elixir 2

Even more, it comes with some useful customizable/skinnable home screen widgets, with shortcuts and add-ons along with the detailed device info and it’s extremity customizable.

Just give it a try and you will love it too! Take Elixir 2 from here.

Trepn Profiler

This is a modern app, with great visuals, but the interesting part is that it allows you to monitor system status and performance through complete information regarding battery drain, excessive data, CPU usage and much, much more in beautiful graphs.

Trepn Profiler

Trepn Profiler

Despite of the fact that Trepn Profiler works with most of the Android devices, a few extra features are unlocked when used with Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, not to mention that it even offers some special features for developers such as Per-rail power measurements if you want to see the power consumed by individual components such as the CPU, GPU, camera and more or External control in order to start or stop profiling from an external script or another Android application.

That is what you get, with no ads or analytics to worry about as you do in so many other cases. Here’s where you can find the app.

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