The Best 5 Twitter Applications for Android

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Why are there so many people who love Twitter? Well, this is a style of life for those who love catching up on the latest news by following the news networks, following their friends, receiving re-tweets and replies from your favorites and not only.

That is why you should not be surprise to find out that it has hundreds of millions of daily users and they are satisfied with what they get.

However, if you’re looking for a way to improve your Twitter experience, I have exactly what you are looking for: the best Twitter apps for Android right here!

Carbon for Twitter

Carbon for Twitter is very popular Twitter app that can offer us an amazing trademark dark themed look, along with a Do not disturb mode if you want the app to leave you alone for a while, or features such as support for images, video, and gifs. Another advantage is that you can easily swipe between various categories such as tweets or mentions for a quicker access, so how not to like it?

Take it from here and give it a try!

Fenix for Twitter

Fenix for Twitter is a newer Twitter app which comes with an amazing set of features and a Material Design look that you’ll simply love. In fact, this is one of the most popular third-party Twitter clients and I totally get those who prefer using it. Besides the usual basic features such as multi-account support and real-time updates, swiping between categories, muting users and conversations, and you have access to three themes (light, dark, true black), it also comes with a few features that no other app on the list such as the Official Twitter App offers.

Access this link and take it for $5.6.


Plume for Twitter is not a new option as the previous one, but it hasn’t lost its popularity. The app has been updated over the years and now sports a UI that’s based on Material Design and even more, it gives you all the features that you might want to use. I am talking about multiple account support, the possibility to mute twitter users, word or applications, integration with Facebook, customization options such as colorizing your timeline/friends from Twitter and much more.

As for the pro version, note that it works exactly like the free version, but without those annoying ads that might spoil out the fun.

Take Plume from here.

Tinfoil for Twitter

Tinfoil for Twitter is a unique application as it isn’t a Twitter app as the other ones, but rather a type of app called a wrapper. Why should you use it? Well, Tinfoil opens the Twitter mobile site and gives you the possibility to use it quickly without opening your browser.

This gives you a similar app experience without giving any Twitter apps any permission. Notice that this requires the internet permission and of course GPS. Note that the GPS info is available only if you Allow Check-ins in the preferences.

Garb it from this Google Play link right away!

TweetCaster for Twitter

Haven’t you heard of this free app? Let me tell you that it is an amazing alternative to the official Twitter app as it supports multiple accounts on your Android device and comes with a very intuitive interface that makes it easier than ever to use it. And the advantages list continues with the Facebook integration, the possibility to add cool filters and effects to your pictures as you upload them, just like you do on Instagram, to zip tweeters or keywords from your timeline without unfollowing, get notified of new tweets, mentions, messages, or by specific user and more.

Have I convinced you to try on TweetCaster for Twitter? Take it from here.

Which one is your favorite?

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