Voice Access is Great for People who have Difficulty Manipulating a Touch Screen

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Have you heard that Google has introduced a new app called “Voice Access” that gives you the possibility to control your Android phone via speech alone? Don’t be so surprised for not knowing about it as long as Google quietly rolled out the beta version of its hands-free Voice Access service. Now, it’s time to find out all about it!

Let me tell you from the start that Google mentioned that the service is intended for “people who have difficulty manipulating a touch screen due to paralysis, tremor, temporary injury or other reasons.”

You can use voice commands to open apps, to tap buttons, navigate screen, scroll, type text and more on your phone. And even better, Google knows what is doing, so Voice Access also allows users to say numbers instead of naming apps in order to avoid any potential confusion over pronunciation. So, you don’t practically have to remember voice commands to communicate with your phone, but all you have to do is to say the floating numbers shown on the screen to communicate with your phone.

You can start “Voice Access” app from any screen on your Android phone by just saying the hotword “OK Google” followed by “Start Voice Access”. With the “Voice Access” enabled, you will see floating numbers on all components on the screen. The numbers are pre-assigned to avoid any malfunction, so there are different numbers on search field, navigation button, menu, keyboard letters and so on.

For example, to open an app, you must only to say the number that can be on that app icon, but if you feel that it is easier to use voice commands such as “tap next”, “click next” and so on, you can do that too.

By using the “Voice Access” app, you can control and navigate your phone using your voice, so what are you waiting for? Here you find the APK mirror link for the app, so take it and I am sure that this method will work for you like a charm.

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