Explore, Solve puzzles and Stay Safe with Dark Echo

You already know my preferences in terms of gaming, so don’t act surprised to too see that I am back with an exciting Android puzzle game. As I am used too, I have been keeping an eye out for the best ways to keep your brain occupied with amazing puzzle games for Android and I don’t want to keep the last discovery just for me.

A strange idea come to life in the form of an interesting Dark Echo game. As you can guess from its name, it’s all about the total horror concept, so be careful.

The gameplay doesn’t seem too complicated at first: you are a human being trapped in darkness and your mission is to stay alive. Yes, you have to explore, solve puzzles, stay safe or prove that you are smart, and most importantly – remain alive. No less than 80 levels are waiting to be cleared while trying your best not to die, which won’t be possible all the time. Yes, you will die more than you are expecting!

Trapped in darkness, you must use visualized sounds to guide your way through horrifying environments. The sounds you create will bounce off obstacles, revealing the shape of the world around you. In fact, making noise with no consequences is only possible at first, but then, the deadly creatures will hear every sound that you make and will chase you down.

Once they appear, the level layouts still allow you to outrun them, but this isn’t at all easy. Then it teaches you to step silently, and from then on, that’s how you’ll travel. The enemies won’t hear thanks to these soft steps, and sometimes you can even beat an enemy by quietly stepping off to the side and not moving for a short period of time. However, you’ll be using noise to your advantage, throwing rocks, luring enemies in a way that allows you to find a way out. All the time you will never see the creatures stalking you. There’s so much darkness, there are so many confusing mazes, claustrophobic passages where death could be waiting around any corner if you move in the wrong direction. The room lights up around you, but only for a split-second. Will this be enough?

You start to master your new skills, but surviving through all the levels will make your heart race, that’s for sure. Are you ready to accept such a challenge? Take the game from here!

Remember that this isn’t the only amazing puzzle game that you can find. This would be a terrible insult to all other amazing games out there, so keep on exploring (enter in the Games section and take a look). And if you already have a favorite, then don’t hesitate to leave your suggestions and reasons in the comments below or contact form.