Show off your Photos and get Paid with Foap

Have you ever thought about making money from your photography passion? If you are a photography lover, then let me tell you that this application is exactly what you were looking for. I am talking about Foap which can make your wish come true: you can show up your photos and get paid for that!

This app is not a new one, but many have been uninterested to try it out or simply refused to believe that an app can turn into a source of money for its users. This happened to me too, so I was very skeptical when I first downloaded the app and played around with it a little. This is how things work: you have to upload your favorite shots to the market, rate others’ work to get exposure and wait until your own pictures get sold.

I tried to do that too up to one point: I have uploaded a few average-quality photos, got no response, and decided that it was probably not worth spending time on. So I deleted the app and forgot all about ever existing until a few weeks ago when a friend told me about his luck with this app. That is why I decided to give Foap another chance, but this time starting with that old cliché that says: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

I don’t know if I discovered the recipe of success, but my first advice for you is to start following other Foapers who have successfully made sales with their photos and look through their “sold photos” section to get some ideas about what others might be looking for. A quick look of the “recently sold” section will convince you right from the start that your pictures don’t always have to look professional, but a personal portfolio that screams of originality and charm is a plus.

Thereafter, it’s time to do your best and upload your own photos. Other Foap members will probably rate your photos, on the same scale as you rate theirs. If the average rating of your photo is at least 2.5 stars, then that photo gets included in the Foap marketplace and you have a chance!

This Foam app sells open source photos for $10, with the photographer earning no less than $5 per every single sale. A photo can sell as many times as you like, thus earning money on the same photo again and again. In case you’re not sure of which photos to upload, Foap can help you as the app also comes with missions or competitions, which upon successful completion award you with money prizes. To make sure that at least a few of your photos will get sold out, ensure you promote your Foap profile on other social media accounts and don’t hesitate to get involved by following others inside the Foap community. As your sale grows, you’ll naturally gain more followers and ratings on your photos and you will see how fun it is!

Grab Foap from here and let the photo games begin!