Facebook Update Released for Android; still in Beta stage though

The bugs were killed! A new update was just released for beta Android app in order to improve the Facebook experience. It is said that this update fixes about 15 bugs and it’s most probably available on your device. The Facebook’s beta was tested before launching it officially and meet its users. Users are always demanding and in order to keep them satisfied, updates are needed. When you use for example sharing on facebook, but it stops when you want to name a friend’s wall where you want the share to go, you feel a bit frustrated and yell for an update.

As our source mentions, got two kind of updates. First Facebook app which had several updates regarding timeline profile picture, a crash in the photo picker, in the message list view, when tapping Nearby suggestion, an issue preventing image cropping from working in some cases, another that preventing people from turning off Facebook after installing Facebook Home, an error that some people saw while sharing feed stories in personal messages and many other bugs. Facebook Home was also updated and we mention translations and new language fonts, various stability improvements in Facebook Home when using folders, home settings were moved from the fold in bookmarks and now it’s easier to uninstall it.

facebook home

facebook home

Even more, improving versions are always welcome especially when these keep and meet the clients needs and helps them to easily dispose of those features. Sometimes, using all kind of apps bugs make you feel angry and why not even uninstall these, because are playing with your patience and maybe start to look for another app which does almost the same thing but works properly. But what about being complicated even uninstalling it? This is a real challenge for us, but thank god it got already solved! Stay tuned, there are more to come!

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