Solar-Charging Screen Tested, Impressive Results

Today’s phones support GPS, LTE, WiFi and many apps which are quite useful, yet consume the battery easily. Softwares that protect the battery of your smartphone had been created, but the truth is that it doesn’t help that much, considering they all eventually last for a day. We heard many rumors regarding the improvement of battery technologies, but nothing concrete so far. Well, according to our source, a French startup called SunPartner Group is trying to create a transparent panel, which will help you recharge your phone’s battery using the power of the sun. SunPartner stated that they are currently testing the display tech and claims (or at least hopes) that it might start arriving in devices at the beginning of the year 2014.

SunPartner claims that the new technology will extend battery life by about 20 percent during normal use, which is not great but is still a progress. The display tech will work like this: strips of standard thin-film solar cells alternating with transparent film will be used. From there, a layer of tiny lenses will be added, that spread the image from the screen so that the opaque stripes aren’t visible. Lower you can see a sketch:

Solar-charging screen

Solar-charging screen

The price tag for this technology is rumored to be $2.30 per phone, price that will be added to the phone’s buying price.
I personally think that this is a great idea and also consider using it. I believe that it has every chance to succeed and update, in time, for growing the battery’s life with more than the present 20%.
What is your opinion on this?

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