Chromium SWE Web Browser for your Qualcomm Snapdragon Device

When buying a new phone, I know that you have various aspects in mind, including the processor. We always make sure that the Android smartphone has the latest processor on-board for greater power, as well as an improved battery life and there is no doubt that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon line-up is the best choice of all.

If you happen to have an Android smartphone powered by a Snapdragon chipset, then you must take a closer look at this Snapdragon optimized browser.

I am talking about Chromium SWE Web Browser for your Qualcomm Snapdragon Device and here you can find more details.

Presentation of Chromium SWE Web Browser

Chrome is provided by Google as a freeware application. The Open Source project known as Chromium was started by Google to provide the code of Chrome browser and this can be built and used as a complete web browser. The Chromium SWE interface looks a lot like to Chrome and Chromium is a great choice since it can easily play WebM, Mp3, Vorbis and Theora formats, as well as interpret HTML5 audio and video tags.

You can always choose between Night Mode, Power Saving Mode, as well as Data Saver, which uses Google’s servers to compress pages before downloading them. And it is up to you to enable or disable background Audio – this feature allows video content to continue playing audio when the web page is not in the foreground.

As long as this App cannot be found on Google Play Store, your device will ask you to enable Unknown Sources under Security Settings when you open the APK file. Do that with no hesitation.

Where to grab it from?

Speaking of the place where you can grab this his browser from, I have already told you that is not available on the Google Play Store. If you are using F-Droid on your device, you can download the Chromium SWE Updater App by accessing this direct link. Then, you must just open the app and it will notify of the latest build number. You can download the browser by clicking the double arrows at the bottom of the screen.

Even more, you can also visit this XDA Forums thread, where you can find links to the build repository and the APK file of the Updater App. And if you option is to use the Chromium SWE browser without the updater App, then don’t hesitate to take the APK file via this direct link.

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