The beginning of the end of Google Nexus 4

A big online retailer from UK, Carphone Warehouse has broken up with Nexus 4. There is no answer when typing in search box “Nexus 4”. This is totally removed from their offers, not have any special mark or any announce like “out of stock” or something. Carphone Warehouse was among the first retailers which listed the handset and could be found in stock almost all the time. We can’t image or guess why Google Nexus 4 vanished suddenly from Warehouse, cause at the release moment this was a real success and didn’t pass so much time since.

Not even our source have a clue about this issue. Maybe it is just an error on the retailer’s website and everything become just supposition and history. When a device disappears from a sudden, we start to think about what happen and without a doubt, why happened. Is about low specs, less competitiveness, decision of the retailers in terms of low sales of the device and not profitable anymore, to many issues of the handset or many users came back for after sales services regarding a malfunction? There can be tones of reasons or causes, but we are waiting for the official one.

LG Google Nexus 4

LG Google Nexus 4

Nexus was always a fascinating experience from Google and it had good reviews even from first Nexus One which was really geek. It was wonderful and compared with Samsung which was nice, Nexus 4 was a blast. We hope the slightly, solid, shiny well done LG Nexus 4 will say at least goodbye before leaving us a pain in the soul. When I think about the beginning of the mobile phones, around ’90 I always remember a big Motorola device, hard to carry and so complex for that time and then I start to see with my mind’s eye the evolution and I become nostalgic. There were some series of phones from different producers which I have never wanted to let go.

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