Galaxy Camera Second Generation Leaked Pictures

Galaxy Camera is no mystery to us, being nothing else than Samsung’s attempt to create an Android powered compact camera equipped with a Xenon flash and a 21x optical zoom. Some might consider that it wasn’t at all a success, but we tend to believe that the majority is still afraid to try new things and this first Android-based camera is a just another example for that. And it seems that the company didn’t give up and might actually give it a new try if we take in consideration the latest rumors. According to @evleaks, Samsung may be preparing a predecessor for its Galaxy Camera and they’ve also posted the following photo apparently coming from this Second Generation Galaxy Camera.

We must admit that we are a little bit confused. This presumed test shot is a bit strange for a camera leak as long as it cannot offer us any sort of clue to rely on. As you can see, this image is pretty blurry and as far as we can tell, it could have been taken by any other device, although their idea wasn’t about surprising us with a stunning image quality, but simply about trying to confirm the existence of this device.

Second Generation Galaxy Camera

Second Generation Galaxy Camera

We also tend to believe that it has been taken at 2-megapixel, but be sure that this is not the final image quality offered by the Second Generation Galaxy Camera. We have no specific details regarding its hardware or its design, so anything is possible at this point.

Many are not expecting at something very different from Galaxy S4, just as the original Galaxy Camera’s features were almost similar to the Galaxy S3′s. But the Galaxy S4 Zoom model is equipped with a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, while the original Galaxy Camera has an improved 1.5GHz quad-core chip, so why not hoping for an actual octa-core processor?