The Hello TV app is Perfect to Explore India’s most loved videos

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Do you like watching TV? The real problem is coming from the scheduled time of the program; for example, maybe your wife wants to watch a Hallmark movie, while you are into sports or anything else unrelated to Hallmark. I am just kidding; the point is that not all of you have the same preferences and there is nothing wrong with that.

At the same time, there are days you are busy with your work at that time that you have to miss your favorite program. Is there a fix for these situations?

The Hello TV app is perfect to explore India’s most loved videos and it gives you the chance to watch Free Live TV: TV9 Gujarat, Aaj Tak, Sandesh TV, India TV, Headlines Today, B4U, TV9 Kannada, TV9 Telugu, TV9 Mumbai, Raj TV, Raj Digital Plus and more.

This TV app is for Android running smartphones or tablets where you can watch the collection of entertainment videos and live TV even in the 2G network. Of course, besides that, it also works with the 2G, 3G, WiFi along network, not to mention its biggest advantage from my point of view: I am talking about the fact that you can download the videos to watch them offline at a later time at your convenience.

Even more, you can easily customize the application, you can add the selected programs and videos in the favorites and watch them later, your favorite shows are recorded and shown on the cloud with PVR and you can even upload your videos on HelloTV. Once you register, you can access from across the drives including your PC.

With all these being said, you imply have to grab the app from here. If you have any other questions about this app, tell us in the comments area from below or write directly to the app’s team on support@hellotv.

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