Allure offers more than 10,000 HD Wallpapers

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Wallpapers can really make the homescreen of your Android devices look interesting and unique. Many of the best Android wallpapers can be downloaded for free and in the past few weeks we did the very best to pick the ones that truly deserve your attention. Are you also looking for a new wallpaper that is colorful, that screams of you? Allure should be your choice!

Why am I saying that? I know that there are so many Android wallpapers that making a choice is hard, but this app has something for every user, it’s fast and smooth, so you won’t regret grabbing it!

To be more precise, Allure gives you a collection of beautiful and high-quality wallpapers from photographers all over the world. It offers more than 10,000 HD wallpapers, stored in the cloud and can be downloaded on your phone’s storage for later use. Even more, if you fall in love with a certain image, this one will be marked as favorite and will be available across devices if you are signed in on the app.

The majority of wallpapers here are optimized for tablets and any Android devices, so there is no reason to be worried that it might not be for you as well. You can search for what you want using various tags like nature, adventure, people, cars, animals, and so on and then, let your imagination run wild, let yourself fascinated or amused and make a choice… Or two, or more! Hopefully, you will walk away with something that gives you a good feeling or that makes you smile every time you unlock your Android phone.

And don’t forget the fact that these high quality photographs can be more than simply downloaded and set as wallpapers as long as you can choose to share them with friends and on social websites anytime you want.

Take the Allure app from here.

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