Android Ninjevade is Highly Addictive

Ninjevade is simple and straightforward yet without agility, players have no chance to face the challenges from this simple. The concept and design are minimalistic. Yet, you have to master your timing, precision, and ninja reflexes to overcome some star-throwing ninjas, so get ready for a one of kind experience!

Ninjevade is free, super simple, and totally ad free! Plus it is a game full of ninjas, so it sounds like a recipe for success once again. I don’t know about others, but when I got this game, I have played it nonstop for quite a few hours. It is highly addictive or at least relaxing for those who don’t have too much free time for themselves.

Are you ready to evade and deflect ninja stars to defeat your opponents? That’s what you must actually do:’Deflect’ when 1 star is thrown at you. If you evade the star, prepare to deflect another at an unpredictable time and speed, then ‘Evade’ when 2 stars are thrown at you. The good news is that you win 1 point for every ninja you defeat and you finally earn new belts by achieving high scores!

You will never get bored as there are no less than 4 themes, each with its own animations, sounds, as well as secrets: Day, Night, Rain, and Space, you are always motivated to earn a top spot and become a legendary ‘Black Belt’; as for those achievements that I have told you about before, you can unlock them by earning high ranked belts and executing awesome techniques.

The mechanics are strong enough to make you a part of the action until you learn how best out of it. This game is sure a great time killer as this might take some time! A long time!

Ninjevade can be downloaded from here and be prepared for what’s about to come! You might first think that it is very simple, but it is also very challenging and more addicting than you could ever imagine.