The Dragon Revenge lets the Player Roam in the Clouds

This is a simple touch-based game compiled into an action genre and I must tell you from the start that it’s a great choice if you really like dragons, as this Android game lets you play the role of the dragon. In fact, this is one of the most demanding games on the Windows Store and the best part is that it has also been ported to Android.

The main motive is crushing the enemies, destroying everything and retrieving the gold back. Why should you do such things and think only of destruction? Well, because it is your gold and it’s obvious that you want it back.
This Dragon Revenge game may look like a little kids Android game, but don’t let yourself tricked by appearances as it is far from that. It’s really fun for all ages. I adore playing it and I am no longer a child, but I have kids on my own.

One bizarre feature of this Android game is to let the player roam in the clouds. However, this is great since it practically feels like an open world. The game features four unique dragons that can fly, freakish abilities, rocking music and much more. Even more, you have unlimited number of levels and you can get creative and think of unique abilities for different tactics… Or simply burn everything down from the start if you can!

There are so many enemies to incinerate and the more you play, the stronger, faster, as well as better you actually become. Are you bored of thoughtless destruction? This Dragon Revenge game also has missions for you, so there is no way not to like it!

And I also have to tell you the fact that it has great graphics and controls and it runs perfectly on my Android handset, so I don’t see why things would be any different for your device.

The Dragon Revenge can be accessed and downloaded straight from here.

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