Check if Knox is Tripped on your Galaxy S9 Device

The Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone might come with an impressively handsome design and packed the latest hardware, but it’s more than a pretty face. It’s all about experimenting and this is where custom ROMs, custom kernels, and custom recoveries come into play, despite of the fact that Samsung tries to prevent people from doing it.

International Galaxy S9 devices are the easiest ones to unlock, but if you don’t play nicely and modify the system partition, then you will finally trip the company’s security platform. Knox is a way for Samsung and other carriers to check and see if you’ve modified the Galaxy S9, so if you just want to root and modify your phone to get the best out of it, this means that Knox almost always gets tripped when you install a custom recovery or gain root access.

This leads to your warranty being void in most cases, yet there are also users bragging about exceptions and who knows? Maybe, just maybe this is your lucky day too. If you plan to sent the S9 device to Samsung to get it fixed under warranty and Knox has been tripped, then they will just send it back, so you would only waste time. Avoid that and check if it’s tripped.

Check if Knox is Tripped on your Galaxy S9 Device:

  1. Power down the Galaxy S9 smartphone;
  2. Then, you have to boot the Galaxy S9 into Download Mode;
  3. Look for the Warranty Void line in the top left corner;
  4. If it reads “0x0”, then you know for sure that the warranty has not been voided;
  5. If it reads “0x1”, well the Galaxy S9 Knox warranty has been voided.

No good news for you this time with that“0x1” value appearing on the screen? There are also some retailers and carriers that do not care about Knox and they’ll replace or refund your purchase even if Knox has been tripped, yet let’s hope that you haven’t reached to that point.

Have you completed this detailed tutorial? In any case, please drop your feedback in the comments below.

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