How to Use Galaxy S9 Floating Window Feature

Well, two apps are always better than one, and Multi Window is better than constantly switching between apps on your Galaxy S9, don’t you think? This lets you easily alternate between apps, adjust the size of the display, as well as copy information from one app to the other, but I guess you’ve figured all these out up to now. This guide is about how to use Galaxy’s S9 Floating Window, a feature worth of your full attention.

Floating window can be seen as a unique version of multi window. Instead of dedicating your entire screen to two different applications floating window does exactly as it sounds.

It treats an application like the Windows desktop operating system does, so you can have multiple applications in small, sizable windows spread across the screen.

There is an easy way to trigger this feature on your S9 smartphone, so enough with the talking and let’s start taking action:

Detailed procedure:

  1. First of all, you have to open an application you want to use in floating window mode;
  2. Then, you need to tap the Home button;
  3. Open another application you want to use in floating window mode (this is optional);
  4. Tap the Home button again;
  5. Now, you may tap the Recents button;
  6. It’s time to find the application you want to use as a floating window;
  7. Next, long press on that application’s title bar;
  8. Drag that application and to the blue box that appears in the bottom half of the screen and like that, the application will go into floating window mode on the Galaxy S9. Pretty simple, right?

Remember that you don’t have to wander the menus of this handset or discover its hidden features alone anymore. AndroidFlagship gives you the very best tips to get to know your Galaxy S9 in the shortest time possible, so start exploring it.

And be sure that I’ll be covering more features of your Samsung device in future tutorials, so all you have to do is to let me know about your curiosities.

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