Keep Track of all latest Episodes and new Seasons with SeriesGuide

When it comes to entertainment, TV shows are a success and there’s not a single person wondering way. There is something for everyone, yet how can you keep track of all latest episodes and new seasons? Do you need a little help with that? Take SeriesGuide and you will get all the help that you need.

After you launch the app, you must add your favorite shows to the app. The app gives you a list of currently trending shows, but if yours is not there, don’t hesitate to search and add it manually. Once you have added the seasons, the app will show up in the app and the upcoming tab will give you a list of shows that will be aired in the next few days.

When you tap on the episode, it will open up a brief summary page about the episode. If you have watched the show, you can put a check against watched and even more, the app also gives you a list of episodes that have aired in the past and are going to air in the future. Don’t forget to always mark those that you have watched to help you remember the episode you need to continue from, if you have taken a break in between.

You can also add lists of shows, like the ones you have watched, and the ones you are planning to watch during your weekend or holiday. Besides that, SeriesGuide also lets you keep a track of the movies you would like to watch by creating a movie watchlist. For that, you just have to go to the Movies section in the app and add the movies you would like to watch in your watchlist. Don’t hesitate to read the movie synopsis or watch the trailer to help you decide which one goes to your watchlist.

And let’s not leave aside the Statistics section of this app. This one gives you info on how many shows you have watched till date and how many of your currently followed shows are continuing and airing soon.

Therefore, I make no mistake by saying that SeriesGuide is one of the best looking apps on Android. It lets you track episodes and stay informed about everything that matters to you; it lets you comment along with ratings through and even more, sync is also available and the app works great offline which is something that only a few similar apps provide.

Take SeriesGuide for free right now.