7 Minute Workout App Helps you get into Shape

Whether you’re trying to look great for the beach or for yourself, there is an app for everyone. Some let you search for nearby running routes or share your favorite routes, other apps let you join challenges, as well as motivate friends and most of them promise you a huge number of free workouts complete with timed step-by-step audio or even with video instructions to help you get into shape.

Don’t you know what to choose from? 7 Minute Workout is the ideal app for all those who have limited time. Now, if you don’t have time to go to the gym every day or if those thousands of workouts confuse you with all those exercises grouped according to the muscle group they focus on, such as chest or triceps, then following the 7 minute workout is an ideal choice.

To be more precise, the app is based on the activities as specified in High-Intensity Interval Training and there is no reason to worry about. The app shows you that really don’t need any equipment, other than what you can find in the comfort of your home.

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At first, working out every day, even for just 7 minutes might feel like a burden. However, the developers have a routine for you and they are ready to get you motivated. I like that they had an interesting idea since you start with 3 lives and that’s all that you are getting until “the game” is over.

If something happens and you must skip a day, you know what it happens: well, you lose a life. If you miss three workouts in a month, then your 7 Minute Workout reaches to an end and all your progress is lost. I can only hope that you will never get there since it can be really frustrating!

And don’t forget that you can also unlock some achievements, earn rewards and health-related giveaways, set up daily reminders and more.

7 Minute Workout App waits for you here, so have fun!