Circle SideBar is highly Customizable

Are you looking for an application to make your Android experience better than ever, to enjoy multitasking from anywhere and anytime? Let me tell you the fact that there are a few decent options out there, but only a few of them are the best and the one that I want to tell you more about is a great example for that!

Well, this is Circle SideBar and you don’t even know what it can do for you. This special Android app has very simple controls and don’t leave aside that it is highly customizable, just as we always want such app to be. By that, I mean that you can easily customize the way it works and the content it holds: feel free to customize the trigger position, height, and width and make your device feel like truly yours.

Even more, users have full access to the all the apps installed on the phone. At any point, a user can choose what apps to be displayed in the sidebar and don’t leave aside the fact that all the settings are provided in the main screen with descriptions of each function in order to avoid any possible confusion and to make this procedure as easy as it can be.

Circle SideBar has even more to offer if you choose the Pro version. With the help of this version, you can add shortcut activities in the sidebar, which is the biggest advantage of all. And based on user requests, the option to Black Listing Apps is included as well, but of course this is a Pro Feature too, so not everyone gets it.

Other than apps and shortcuts, you can access various quick settings such as screen rotation, Wi-Fi toggle, Bluetooth toggle, flashlight, brightness control, airplane mode, music playback controls, etc. via the sidebar too, so you must take the app on your handset!

Take Circle SideBar from here right away. And don’t forget that more features are about to come.

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