Sift the Truth from the Lies with Lie Detector Test Prank

“Liar, Liar, pants on fire!” Well, we have all said that as children to those who were caught in their lies. Now, even as adults, we suspect liars around us and want to know the truth. We are all prone to “white lies” or inaccurate facts, but these aren’t the ones you really fear of. Fulfillment in your current relationships clearly depends on honesty. When it’s not there, this leads to disappointment and pain.

The same goes for business partnerships or relations in general. So, how to sift the truth from the lies? If you don’t have access to a polygraph, there may be some tips to apply. No, we aren’t at a therapy session, but an app might tip you off.

Technology isn’t completely there yet and no app can give you the confirmations that you are looking for. However, I am sure that the expression of the person in front of you scared of the truth that’s hiding might be a start.

Don’t you think the same?

Lie Detector Test Prank in action

Lie Detector Test Prank scans your finger print to detect whether you are telling a lie or not. It is extremely entertainment and easy to use, so you will fall in love with it. One of the best features of this app is to display different light for truth and lie. Yes, the app scans your fingerprint and calculates the result on the appropriate LED, green for truth and red for lie.

And if the fingerprint test is something that can be found on any other app, then you have two more options: Spinner test and Voice test. Just press the spinner button to scan and the app will run animations. Meter analyzing the animations and will lead to a true or false case once again.

You may also press the mic button, then speak something. This tiny app will detect that you say something true or a lie, at least in theory. And this matters now: the theory that could lead to the actual truth.

Don’t postpone and install Lie Detector Test Prank into your device.

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