Learn to Turn Off the Shutter Sound on Pixel 3 Device

Most Android phones these days come with a little automatic clicking noise whenever you take a picture with the camera. Do you know what I am talking about? Things are no different for your Pixel 3 device too. Turning off the camera sound on your Pixel 3 device is something many people want to do as soon as possible and I get it. That sound doesn’t really add anything valuable to the procedure itself, and it’s too loud when taking a picture at night.

Some users might even say that noise is pretty annoying during day time too, right? If this feature drives you crazy all the time or if you really need a silent photo for another reason, you can also choose to turn it off. Before doing that however, here’s a word of caution. The camera shutter sound is a legal requirement in some countries, like South Korea, in order to prevent people from taking inappropriate pictures of others without their knowledge.

Thus, the only way to disable those sounds is through jailbreak methods, which is beyond the scope of this guide for your Pixel 3 device. You can though learn how to turn off the camera shutter sound on your Pixel phone if you live somewhere else as I am here to walk you through a few basic steps.

The settings for this control are so easy to be found. All you really have to do is to head to your phone’s main menu and select the Camera icon, as if you were going to take a new picture. Then, enter into your camera settings. This is typically represented by a gear icon in the upper right corner of the camera app and you’ll see the toggle for camera sounds.

At this point, waste no more time and simply toggle the option to off and be sure that this will permanently disable any shutter click sounds until you decide to toggle it on again. Do you see how simple it really was? I told you so!

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