Enable Call Recording on your Mate 10 Pro

Having the possibility to record phone calls is really useful on Android, especially when you need to take notes and don’t have a pen near you. However, even major mobile manufacturers don’t include such a feature and it’s not like these mobile phones don’t have the hardware to carry out such function, but it is their choice.

It may not be legal to record calls in some countries, but the rule doesn’t apply to all of them. Therefore, users are usually forced to use third-party apps in order to gain the ability of voice recording. Lucky for Huawei Mate 10 Pro owners, as they’ve just gained this functionality thanks to XDA Senior Member badmania98.

He shows us all how to activate it. The procedure is not at all complicated and it normally involves downloading a file attachment from the XDA forum thread, transferring it to a specific location on the Huawei device’s storage, and giving it proper file permissions. At the end, you’ll get new options for automatic call recording tucked away within the phone application’s settings.

Getting ready:

  1. Your Huawei Mate 10 Pro Bootloader must be unlocked;
  2. The handset must also be rooted;
  3. Act with caution and make a complete backup of your device. It’s better to do that now, then to lose everything do to an unfortunate mistake;
  4. You must not have any other call recorders installed on your device.

Enable Call Recording on your Mate 10 Pro:

  • Take the HwCallRecorder.zip file right away;
  • Extract the zip file to get the folder called “HwCallRecorder”;
  • Up next, move this folder to your device;
  • open a root file explorer at your chance. In this case, I am using MiXplorer;
  • You have to grant root access if necessary;
  • Then, copy the HwCallRecorder folder to the /system/app path of your device’s root folder;
  • Set proper permissions to the folder and the subfolders inside it;
  • Now, launch the phone app;
  • You must tap on the Menu icon at the bottom right corner of the dialer;
  • Then, select Settings;
  • Now, look for Automatic Call Recorder option in Settings as you have to enable it;
  • On the same screen, you will see Automatic Recording Settings. You must tap on it;
  • Then, select the numbers for which you want to record call every time;
  • You can also select the All Calls option, which means every call on your phone will be recorded;
  • Then, in order to listen to the record calls, go to Phone App and tap on the Menu icon at the bottom right corner; then, just click on Call Records.

Has this guide helped you? Please don’t forget to give your feedback, as it is very important to me.

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