How to Enjoy Crackle’s Selection of Movies and Shows

It can be especially hard if you are a student living off exclusively on your modest salary or maybe you are someone with a big house and wife and kids and so on. The story is pretty much the same one in all cases. Are you also thinking that it’s time to toss your cable box or ditch your satellite dish? Do you think that the high subscription price of HBO is absurd? Join the club!

I think that too, so I started looking for better alternatives. Aside from its original series, Crackle’s selection of movies and shows is not as generous as what you can find on other apps, but this is somehow an advantage.

Instead of being bored by the same titles, this app gives you something original and this includes Damages, The Shield, The Larry Sanders Show, along with classics like Married with Children, All in the Family, Barney Miller, Seinfeld, Good Times, I Dream of Jeannie, and more. Even more, as I have said it from the start, there is no pay-TV sign-in is necessary, and some shows, such as Damages, include every episode ever aired, all for free.

However, I must warn you that ads can be a little bit annoying in this app. It seems that the commercial breaks are frequent (4-5 per episode) and quite lengthy, but that’s the “price” that you have to pay for not actually paying a dime. Isn’t this a problem? Then, think of the original titles, that the interface is well-designed and easy to navigate through and that the TV shows and movies are available throughout as free offerings.

In other words, there’s a good chance to find out that this app is perfect for you! Tale Crackle from here and let’s see if it is or not what you are looking for.

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