How to Grab CoolShow 6.0 Stock Wallpapers

At AndroidFlagship, we keep looking for new wallpaper packs from Android devices all over the world and share them with readers like you. That’s why we now have hundreds of stock wallpaper sets from various popular, as well as less-known devices.

Coolpad is a Chinese telecommunication and smartphone company. It’s a popular smartphone brand in China. It has been expanding fast outside its native country with its attractive portfolio of pretty affordable smartphones with decent specifications. The OEM has released 14 smartphones so far, but this isn’t one I want to talk about.

I am thinking about the fact that since all CoolShow 6.0 stock wallpapers are in high quality, the size of the wallpaper pack is about 113 MB. So, make sure that you have enough space for them on your Android handset and that you are connected to a fast and stable WiFi network or else the download might be impossible.

The common resolution of the wallpapers is 2160 x 1920 px and if you think that some of them are what you need, then you can download them in a single zip or 2 split zip files, just as described in the procedure below.

How to Grab CoolShow 6.0 Stock Wallpapers:

  1. For the download, you can use this Mega Link (single file) – or the Google Drive Link (2 parts) – from here and that waits for you here;
  2. Then, you have to extract the folder on your desktop;
  3. You can now connect your Android phone to the PC only via the original USB cable;
  4. Transfer the entire package on your phone’s internal memory;
  5. Up next, you must enter into the Settings option;
  6. It’s time to select an image from the new ones;
  7. At the end, just touch the OK or Set Wallpaper button in order to apply the changes and let me know if your device looks different.

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