Enjoy Clear, Crisp audio with Voice Recorder

Are you pleased by what your Androidd evice has to offer? If you want a better quality audio, you still need to do some tweaking, that’s for sure. Don’t worry; I am not talking of anything complicated, but there are plenty of apps for that. Some of them include powerful features that help you get the sound just right and are perfect for professionals who need clear, crisp audio, while others are way easier to use and perfect for those Android users who simply want to record once in a while.

Audio Recorder, by Sony Mobile Communications tries to be an easy option for those who don’t know much about recording and it holds true to that. You open it, simply record, share, and close. But what if you want something more than that? Could Voice Recorder be the right choice for you as well?

Don’t let this obvious name fool you into thinking that this app is another basic one. On the contrary I found it as being one of the best voice recorders available for Android. It looks good, it has various amazing features, it supports Android wear, and it’s completely free. And there are no advertisements to bug you either.

Even more, you can attach notes and images to your recording and categorizing them is a piece of cake. Feel free to organize your audio recordings with tags like work, important, school and even your location, so finding the right recording is that simple.

One thing that makes it stand out is that it automatically makes a backup of your recording in DropBox. To be more precise, this amazing app auto-saves your recording every single minute, so that even if the phone crashes or runs out of battery you should be able to recover it. And if the idea of an In-App Purchase doesn’t scare you, then you can get more features such as noise suppression, echo cancellation, automatic gain control and not only.

This Voice Recorder app is an ad-free note taking and voice recording one that gives you the chance to capture only the important parts of meetings, lectures and conversations, that helps you when you need it the most.

Grab it by using this direct link and let me know if you like it. The comments section is waiting for you!

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