Send Automatic Loving Texts to Your Girlfriend with Android Bro App

Do you love taking advantage of today’s technology by using your Android smartphone as much as possible? If you have a girlfriend, but not enough time for her (I know that this doesn’t sound too good, but I am sure of the fact that you always have the best intentions), let me tell you about an amazing Android app known as Bro coming from the development team at Factorial Products.

Do you want to find out more about this app which can be used to send automatic loving texts to your girlfriend? That’s exactly what you can find here!

Tom and James, the two developers behind the idea declined to reveal their full names, but told us more about their app. One day, Tom noticed that his girlfriend was annoyed due to the fact that he forgot to text her all day long. Creating the prototype of the app wasn’t an easy task, but the inspiration came from their daily life, so there’s no wonder that it is such a success. After all, that is what is happening to us all!

And Tom also revealed that the most difficult part of developing the app was confessing to his girlfriend that he had been testing it on her for over three months, but the result is as good as predicted.

How to Send Automatic Loving Texts to Your Girlfriend with Bro App:

  1. First of all, take BroApp from here;
  2. Install it on your Android device;
  3. Don’t hesitate to select your girlfriend’s contact information;
  4. Choose up to five messages you want your lover to receive from “you”;
  5. The app will send one each day, but not after you’ve been in contact with her;
  6. None of the messages provided by the app seem to be OK? Then, you can also insert your own personal messages with the plus sign;
  7. In order for the app to message at the correct time, enter info regarding when you are at home or at work;
  8. Also add your girlfriend’s Wi-Fi networks;
  9. Choose the days of the week you want the app in operation;
  10. Once you’ve completed the setup, don’t hesitate to review it; If everything is ok, tap “Yes, all good!”;
  11. You can passcode-protect the app to ensure no one finds out too much about your relationship or your private life in general.

Now that your girlfriend is taken care of and the complicated process of communicating is no longer a worry, spend some time with your bros, as the app suggests! You deserve it!

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