Grab 150 Custom Fonts on Samsung Galaxy S7

Various Android vendors may customize the Android home screen in their own ways and Samsung is not an exception: TouchWiz is Samsung’s custom user interface placed on top of Android operating system, but I cannot deny that even if the Korean company has managed to overtake the competition in terms of design, its TouchWiz is still far from what it should be.

Well, there have been some changes over the years, but some users find it frustrating as it makes a device so sluggish and its features are still pretty limited. Speaking of your Galaxy S7, there is the inbuilt ability to change font styles and even the font size, but the issue is that there are no more than a few options in case of font styles.

However, there is a way to get much more fonts than the stock ones. Feel free to follow the installation procedure to get more than 150 fonts on your Samsung Galaxy S7. After all, this is all about making the handset yours and getting the best out of it.

For that to be possible, your handset must be rooted (you should already know that rooting a phone can be a complex task and can also result in damaging or bricking your smartphone) and with a custom recovery like TWRP recovery installed on it. Be careful though, as any choice is not good this time, but your Galaxy S7 should be running TouchWiz based ROMs only.

Grab 150 Custom Fonts on Samsung Galaxy S7:

  1. For the start, download the zip file from here to your computer;
  2. Use the original USB cord and move it to your device’s storage;
  3. Turn off your device;
  4. After that, you must press and hold Volume Up, Home, as well as Power keys for no more than a few seconds and then release the Power button when the screen turns up. Keep the other 2 keys pressed for a few more seconds in order to boot your Galaxy S7 device into Recovery mode;
  5. There, choose the Install option;
  6. Now, select the zip file you have downloaded;
  7. Confirm the installation;
  8. After that, reboot your device.

You may now see more than 150 fonts in the menu to change fonts under Settings> Display on your Samsung Galaxy device. Do not hesitate to drop your queries in the comments section below. I will try to resolve your problems as soon as possible and keep visiting for more Android guides and tips.

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