F-Stop Media Gallery is fully optimized for Android 7.0+

If you want a Gallery app that’s lightning fast, that shares similarities with others app, but also manages to be unique, I must say that I like your motivation! As I can see, you already know that you don’t have to resort back to your stock photo gallery app as there are many alternatives out there that are waiting for more users.

However, while most of the gallery apps that you can find on Play Store let you do some basic cropping and rotation, there are only a few who look great and do more than that, without messing up things or pretending the impossible.

The F-Stop Media Gallery app is worthy of your attention, that is something that I can tell you right from the start. This app derives its name from a key concept in photography, so as you might expect, it’s a great gallery app for all those who love order and simplicity at the same time.

F-Stop’s main interface features comes with multiple Material Design elements and I love that – I recognized from the start the handy filter and sort icons embedded in the main action bar. This Gallery app offers all the features that you would expect to get such as themes for the app, GIF support, lock pictures and videos with password protection, tags, metadata based search, slideshow mode with different transitions to choose from and more.

When viewing an image, you can also easily share or delete the file, and the three-dot overflow menu has many useful options. On top of that, F-Stop is the only app in this list that lets you view Photo Sphere shots created with the Google Camera app. It also includes a cool location mode based on Google Maps, where you will find pictures based on location in the map.

While all these features in the F-Stop Media Gallery app are free, there is also a Pro version that you should know about as it brings the ability to save tags and ratings in XMP format along with features like nested folders or drag and drop support.

With these being said, I want to conclude that this is definitely one of the best Gallery apps out there and you should give it a try. So, install F-Stop Media Gallery app from here.

And do let us know if you like it or not. You can write us down in the comments section below because we love hearing from you!

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