Use Prisma – Art Photo Editor on Android

Who says that you cannot be an artist and turn your photos into real artworks? Taking pictures and uploading them to Instagram and other social networking websites is nothing out of the ordinary, but what if you want more than that? Are there any apps that can turn your regular smartphone photos into stylized artworks based on different artwork, as well as graphical styles?

Let me assure you that there is an app named Prisma which might surprise you. Apart from applying filters to the image, this can actually turns your image into work art. After all, Prisma is offering no less than 20 art filters inside the app at this point, with some of the art/graphical starting points including a DC comic graphic, The Scream by Edvard Munch, Go for Baroque by Roy Lichtenstein and more and more filter options are being added all the time. The app looks similar to Instagram, but it is much better and very simple to use.

What do you have to do? You just have to take a new photo or simply select one that you have stored on your Android device, select an ‘art filter’ to be applied and after that, just wait as the app works its algorithmic magic — returning your stylized image in only a few seconds, along with options to share it to your social networks. Now, it looks like your image has been painted by a famous artist and this app is the best proof. How not to love it? Even more, I think that the actual key to the app’s success is also related to the app’s prominent social share function, which prompts users to post to Instagram as soon as they receive their new shot.

Is there any downside of this app? I don’t know what other users would say, but I personally wish to have the chance to see how the photo looks like in every style as long as sometimes I am impatient to click and wait for each style individually or because I simply like the bigger picture. However, this is hard to be called as a negative aspect as long as Prisma has so much to offer!

Installing Prisma app in your Android device is like carrying a special brush in your pocket and getting your favorite images painted in no time. If you think the same and if you are curious, you can easily grab the Prisma app by entering here.

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