Running out of storage on Your Galaxy S8: Tips and Tricks

Samsung’s new flagship phones actually managed to live up to most of our expectations. Well, they aren’t perfect, yet there is no ideal device even if it’s running on our beloved Android, so I see no better option that the amazing Galaxy S8. I am talking about the phones’ new design, its power and amazing features and that’s not all.

This time, Samsung has decided to move away from Apple’s iPhone strategy and offers one main storage option in each market. In other words, you basically have one price option, and it’ll ship with 64GB of onboard storage as well as 4GB of RAM.

This means that you get more than enough for using the phone without worrying about storage. Still, some people are going to hit that limit of running out of storage and it might actually happen sooner than you are expecting.

Tips and Tricks to Save the Day:

  • The Galaxy S8 comes with microSD card slot, so you can always pop in a card up to 256GB in size if you want to add more storage. Therefore, don’t hesitate to get an SD card, and start to add more data like music, movies, photos and videos on the card;
  • Even if it might seem hard at first, learn to keep your handset clean and delete the unused apps! Scroll through your apps and find a few that you don’t use — long press the app icon and tap Uninstall to remove it from your phone – this won’t kill you;
  • Let me remind you that you can use a cloud management service like Google Photos. The service offers unlimited backup of slightly compressed high-quality uploads, plus 15GB of free full-quality backups. After the photos are uploaded, you can save space by removing them from your phone;
  • Don’t hesitate to enjoy the Galaxy S8’s built-in Device maintenance feature, found in the settings. Tap on Storage and see what it can offer to clean out, but keep in mind that it may clear some cached images and temporary files that will just have to be downloaded again when you use some apps;
  • Let me tell you that there is an even better version of the Galaxy S8 out there, but not all of us can have it. While the rest of the world is stuck with 64GB handsets that pack 4GB of RAM, the Galaxy S8 smartphone sold in China comes with 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM. I know that this is not fair, yet maybe you can use that in your favor! Just maybe!

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