Weather (by MacroPinch) has a Great Design

One of the first really good uses for Android devices was delivering details about the weather. You all know that weather apps have grown a lot in the last few years, so you know that there are plenty of options to choose from.

A minimal application which only has the basics included is none other than Weather (by MacroPinch). I know that this is not one of the most popular weather apps from the Google Play market, but people don’t know what they are missing. Do you like to keep things simple too? Then, keep on reading about a free option that gives you exactly the information you need at a glance.

Some might say that it is a bit simple comparatively speaking, but it’s great if you just need something quick and easy. To be more precise, this time, there is no radar, no satellite map or anything that might disturb you, but everything is presented in clear weather statistics and 5-day forecasts. The truth is that you don’t see every day such app with a great design and this is why Weather is among my favorite options.

The application has also a notification option that displays the most important information on your status bar. Of course, there is a variety of themes to choose from, so have fun and give them as many tries as you want!

I don’t want to tell you more, but the point is that this app is perfect for all those who only need to know is whether it will rain or not.

The app is easy to use, and it looks great, therefore grab Weather (by MacroPinch) from here.

Amd there are other options if you are looking for something a bit more complicated such as the popular Weather ChannelFree which is Waiting to be used, you can Enjoy Local Weather and Weather Forecast with the help of an app known as Weather Radar & Forecast that will most probably surprise you, Check out the weather with the local Weather today, or feel free to Try out Google News & Weather on your Android Device.

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