TCY Exam Prep: The Ideal Exam Prep Android App

There is no mystery about the fact that technology makes everything easier and being a student is no exception to that. You just have to know which are the best Android apps that you should use and forget all about the usual problems such as being in the right place at the right time, keeping track of your finances, attending lectures and always being prepared.

If just a few years ago, students would have to spend their entire time scribbling on notepads, in order not to miss a thing, you know that the lecture capture apps are ready to make a difference and transform this reality into a thing of the past.

Here you can read more about How to Use LectureRecordings on your Android tablet, but in today’s guide I want to focus all your attention towards something else: I am referring to the importance of those interesting exam prep apps that can make your student life much easier.

TCY Exam Prep is such an example that immediately captured my attention. You should know from the start the fact that this Android  app is aimed at business students in India and the US. There is no wonder that this is actually considered as being the Largest Exam Preparation App that can offer you quality Mock Tests, Topic wise and Sectional tests for various exam categories from schools programs to PG/Recruitment, as well as Practice Tests available for more than 50 categories of exams.

Do you want to give it a try as well? Then, here is what you have to do:

How to Use TCY Exam Prep: The Ideal Exam Prep App:

    1. From here you can take the app;
    2. Install it on your Android handset without any hesitation;
    3. Have fun exploring:
    4. Enjoy the Search Test feature which lets you search download tests as per your requirement. Get topics wise, as well as section wise & mock tests according to the latest exam pattern;
    5. Do you want to be your exam setter? You have the chance to customize your testing experience by exploring the subtopics selecting and generating test as per your wish. Keep your preparation in your control; set number of questions and other scaling factors;
    6. With TCY Analytics you can receive in-depth analysis (graphical) of your test attempts;
    7. Feel free to invite and compete with your friends and then feel free to compare your accuracy, speed and preparation with the other opponents – for that, you must use the Challenge Zone feature;
    8. Don’t hesitate to use Exam Alerts! Like that, you will always be updated with the latest exam related info in order to plan everything in time!

More apps can be used on your Android device, so read on these guides:

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