Meter – the Android Live Wallpaper that you are Looking for

Are you tired of those traditional and static Android wallpapers? Then, you should definitely take in consideration the possibility of enjoying an Android live wallpaper. Such wallpapers work similar to an Android mobile app because they can easily access various functions of the platform such as OpenGL, GPS, network access and so on.

Live wallpapers are designed to offer a better user experience and there are plenty of options to choose from the generous list found on Android Market.

However, this is not necessarily an easy thing to do. Choosing the perfect Wallpaper has to do with getting the feel of personalization and individualization. I am saying that as long as these wallpapers aren’t static wallpapers that simply show up on your home or lock screen. On the contrary, they have impressive animations that make your device look unique, so be careful what you are choosing.

Do you need some help at this chapter? Then, let me tell you more about Meter which is a live wallpaper comes from the Google factory.

This live wallpaper deserves all your attention and I am going to tell you all about it. Well, Meter was created for Android Experiments and was originally designed by Mikkel Koser with code by Jonas Jongejan and Kyle Philips, so you can only expect receiving the best.

Meter is a data-driven wallpaper that shows battery level, wireless signal, as well as various notifications of your Android device in a simple visualization. This wallpaper cycles through three visualizations with every unlock, and every single one of them can be manipulated by tilting and moving the device. This immediately creates a peripheral awareness of your phone’s status over the course of a day.

Do you want to give it a try? Then, take Meter from here and install it on your Android device.

However, if this is not what are looking for, my suggestion is to read more from our How to section; well, you can only imagine that more wallpaper guides are waiting for you:

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