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Lithium ion batteries start to lose their ability to hold a charge over time, therefore we are looking for tips and tricks that can add just a little bit more juice. Knowing that charging your Android handset to a full 100% isn’t the best practice for long-term battery health, you should better give a try to a new app known as Battery Charge Limit.

As you can guess from its name, Battery Charge Limit has the ability to limit your phone from charging past a certain point and re-enables charging below a certain point. Things aren’t at all complicated. You must basically install the app, grant it root permissions and the app will simply do its magic.

If you want, you may also set the levels for charge limiting and recharging yourself if the default 80% isn’t quite to your liking. However, 80% provides a longer lifespan than charging to the full 100% and I am personally pleased by this number.

And you must also know the fact that the app can accept intents for charging limits. So, you can set Tasker profiles to change values in the app, or rig up your own system. As for the widget that just enables and disables the service, it’s perfect for those who tend to change their mind so often. And after installing it, you’ll see an ongoing notification from Battery Charge Limit whenever you connect your phone to a charger. This is the only time the app runs in the background, so it doesn’t have any impact on battery life. Then, once your battery hits the desired threshold, the actual charging will immediately stop.

However, you must know and accept that Battery Charge Limit isn’t on Google Play, but you can download the latest v1.0.1 release from this APK Mirror.

Isn’t this easier than any other option? You are not supposed to guard your phone while charging and I bet that you also have in mind that Samsung once tried to remedy this problem by issuing an update that limited the phone’s battery to 60 percent and you all know how this turned out. The Note7 exploding battery fiasco is now in the past and the Battery Charge Limit app can bring you instead just what you need.

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