Teach your Child Shapes and Colors with Toddler Lock

The available Android parental control apps allow parents to filter adult content, restrict app purchases, set various limits on usage time, monitor calls, texts and web activity and much more than that and no, this has nothing to do with paranoia. Strange things are happening these days, so don’t you want to know that your child is really safe?

Let me tell you from the start that no parental-control service is trully perfect, but there are a few of them that actually manage to deliver a great mix of Web filtering, location tracking and app management, especially on Android devices. However, this is not what all of you are looking for and it might be way too early to help your kids understand limits in a digital world that is so complicated.

In such a case, here’s another app that I have tested and recommend you to use: Toddler Lock. As the title suggests, this Toddler Lock is not deal for kids or teens, but for toddlers, so its functionality is pretty basic.

The app functions as a screen lock for your device while letting your young child doodle creatively on a blank screen “drawing board” with a variety of colors and shapes. Like that, you can have some fun with your child and teach your little one shapes and colors. And Toddler Lock will entertain your kids with colorful shapes and soothing sounds so that you don’t have to worry about them making calls or trying out other apps that you might have on your phone.

Optionally, the app can enables airplane mode while being active, so as to not irradiate your child.

This is what the app does and be sure of the fact that Toddler Lock will also protect your phone from being accidentally unlocked by a younger child, but it does not filter or restrict any specific apps. Could this be enough for the moment? If so, take it from here and let me know if it is what you are looking for.

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