Set Cortana as Default Assistant on Android

Is Cortana worth a download? That’s never my choice to make, but I can assure you of something. Trying never hurts. The idea is that the app is available on Android smartphones and has improved a lot with all those updates it got over time. Therefore, this article discusses how to set Cortana as a Default Assistant on Android if you aren’t afraid of trying out something new.

You can easily set the app to default so that you could trigger and use it as much as others use Assistant. You may get notifications across devices, use Cortana from Home/Lock Screen or anywhere, enjoy the Hey Cortana hotword or even spice up things and listen to some jokes. Yes, this assistant is capable of getting rid of your boredom with its fun facts and jokes, so just say: Surprise me; How is my day? or Tell me some fun facts and you could end up being surprised.

If you live in the US or any European countries, you can enjoy the stable rollout of the Cortana from the Play Store itself. Things are though different for many countries from Asia. There is a big chance you could face repeated crashes on them, but don’t get mad.

There are many APK markets available online where you can download trusted copies of the app. APKMirror is such an example, so you have no excuse for not giving it a try.

Cortana asks to set it as default during the setup. You can either provide permission at the initial time or just follow the steps below. And remember that you can either use it as default or secondary one. It is though ideal to use the same Microsoft account everywhere to get the same experience.

How to Set Cortana as Default Assistant on Android:

  1. Open Cortana;
  2. Swipe from the left and tap Settings;
  3. Choose Cortana as your default assistant from the device settings window pops up next;
  4. You can also switch the assistant mode between Voice and homepage modes from Settings > Assistant Mode.

We hope you found this article about the Cortana assistant helpful. And always let me know if you need extra help.

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