XiiaLive – Internet Radio keeps you Entertained

Do you like rock, reggae and hip-hop, but you want all these at your convenience? No problem, because XiiaLive has a colourful interface that, in itself, should be enough to keep you entertained all day long and you also have the chance to browse through a big music catalog that has different genres like alternative, rock, classical, electronic, and hip-hop.

In such a way, this is one of the top apps in the market, offering the most stable Internet radio experience that you can look for!

Each of these genres have radio stations that you can choose from. More than 50,000 radio stations from across the world powered by UberStations are waiting for you, so I am sure that there is something for every single listener. And if you truly like a station, you can mark it as a favorite to get back to it easily later any time you might want.

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There are some additional features in the app like an equalizer and sleep timer that make it such a great option. In addition to the music, you can also listen to different talks on a variety of topics such as business, comedy, news, etc. Like the radio stations, you will find different podcast stations under each category as well. If the funky look of the app doesn’t scare you at all, then you must definitely give this free app a try.

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XiiaLive can be grabbed from here right away. Feel free to try it out and don’t forget that the comments area and the contact form are always waiting for you.

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