How to Stay Connected while Removing Distractions with Flipd

I know that it might sound strange at first, but are you addicted to your phone? If you find yourself checking your device as being the first thing that you do in the morning, even before getting out of bed, if you are constantly texting, surfing the internet, taking photos, sending emails, using applications, playing games and do on, then yes, you may be addicted.

I know what you want to tell me that this is why you have that fancy Android phone in the first place and I am OK with that as long as it is not interfering with your life. Do you have a hard time staying focused at work or in a conversation with your loved one? That’s where the problems start!

Flipd is here to help you stay focused, improve your attention, as well as increase your productivity thanks to its simple timed lock screen. Better said, this is the perfect way that helps you stay connected while removing distractions, so don’t hesitate to find out more about what it has to offer.

First of all, don’t panic when you will hear that Flipd completely takes over your smartphone. This is absolutely necessary in your case if you truly want to increase your productivity at work or to save the relationship with your loved ones. You can lock your phone for up to no less than 12 hours. What the app does is replacing the lock screen with basic options and don’t worry about missing something important. Flipd still offers easy auto-replies for text messages.

While the app is active, you can still accept and make phone calls to selected numbers, so don’t hesitate to set some of them in the emergency contact list. And the auto-responses will make sure that it can’t be the case of ignoring the people who are trying to contact you, not to mention that you can even try to use Flipd with others and see how you can remotely lock your friends and other family members out of their phones simultaneously.

In fact, many of us end up admitting that we have been so addicted to our Android phones that offer us everything that we ignore the people we are with. Hanging out with virtual people over Facebook, Twitter, and text messages it’s not a part of the reality, so don’t you think that it’s time for some serious changes?

Let Flipd be your guide and use this direct link to take it right away!

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