How to Use ListOut, a Basic To-do List Maker

Evernote is an amazing app especially designed for note taking, organizing, as well as archiving and you don’t need me to tell you how popular it really is. With the help of this app you can practically capture images, keep ideas, thoughts, contacts, and anything else you need to remember in a safe digital workspace.

At the same time, an app such as Evernote has thousands of features (and I am not exaggerating when I am saying that), but this is not what every Android user is looking for.

Maybe you want a basic app or one that it isn’t as difficult to navigate as the ones full of features and here I am with a great suggestion.

ListOut is a to-do list maker which is as simple as an app from this category could be, coming with a minimal user interface that can give you a fresh feel. This is why I am convinced of the fact that this application is ideal for those who need order in their life, but without anything flashy or complicated.

This includes everything what you might have in mind or that you might have to remember at a certain point: I am talking about detailed meeting notes all the way to a brainstorming idea. Notes are essentially blank documents, where you can format text with some basic tools. To be more precise, you can easily create a to-do list tap on the to-do list icon on top or choose to swipe right on the main screen and select tasks. Then, you must add a title for your task and simply add the tasks to perform. At the end, don’t hesitate to tap on the red plus icon on top in order to save your new entry.

Once the task has been saved, you can always find it in the tasks panel from the app menu. In the tasks panel, you’ll see how many tasks and subtasks you have and don’t hesitate to mark all the completed tasks to avoid any later confusion. As for the note-taking option, this can be accessed by from the vertical menu in no time.

And if you get bored easily, then let me tell you that the application comes with no less than 5 different themes that change colors of every part of the app. Don’t you think that all these are worthy of less than a dollar?

Yes, the app is not available for free, but it definitely helps you boost your productivity and creativity, so take a decision. ListOut can be grabbed from Google Play, so access this link and install it onto your Android handset.

This isn’t the only Evernote alternative, but you can also:

  • Get your Work Done with Android Kaizala which tries to bring your communication with your team and not only to one place, to assign and track the status of pending jobs and more, being ideal for small and mid-sized business;
  • Learn to Organize your Android Phone’s Home Screen if order is trully importnat for you;
  • Organize and Manage Information about your Contacts with an app known as Connections.

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