Android 4.3 JB to Embrace NTT DoCoMo Galaxy S4 (SC-04E)

Samsung Galaxy S4 will be receiving an Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update on NTT DoCoMo carrier in Japan. The update is due from mid-December, though the Japanese carrier has not yet confirmed the exact date. What do we know is that the Galaxy S4 update and will come with some important features and also improvements, as well as support for Galaxy Gear. Also important to notice is that the Galaxy Gear smartwatch will be launched in five colors, as Mobile Phone Watch unveils.

The new updated Galaxy S4 (SC-04E) will resemble its original S4 rolled out a few months ago and might not come with the newest version of Android, but until the company will release KitKat, we guess is worth waiting the update of this version.

Android 4.3 on NTT DoCoMo Galaxy S4 (SC-04E)

Android 4.3 on NTT DoCoMo Galaxy S4 (SC-04E)

To state our source, the update brings fresh new features, an improved performance concerning its RAM and a much faster performance. Users will be more than happy to browse the new-featured Samsung Wallet, a new keyboard or a new camera firmware that tests the full capacity of the device`s shooting mode.

The NTT DoCoMO Galaxy S4 (SC-04E) Android 4.3 update will also come with Samsung Knox support and other Samsung apps that can be found on the same models from other countries excepting Japan. Overall, it should be an expected update.

Until then, just enjoy your fellow Samsung Galaxy S4 and soon as it will be rolled into the air we will give word about the new features and apps. In case you go ahead before us, just do not forget to let us know as we will be more than happy to receive this update.

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  • Kevin Holdaway

    the above article states docomo will release the updat in Dec 2103. It is no Feb 2014…… any idea on whats happening?