Dead Trigger 2 Updated to 0.2.5 With New Missions, GamePlay Balance Tweaks

One of the most ambitious action shooter for mobile handsets has been updated, and it has reached the 0.2.5 version in Play Store. Dead Trigger 2 is regarded as being one of the prettiest shooters for Android handsets, and it displays one of the higher zombie densities of any other game on Android. Developers have considered users’ opinions and suggestions, and now the game has been updated with some great improvements and changes.

Therefore, the update brings the changelog for zombie slayers as well as more than 50 new gameplay environments, such as the brand new African environments. In addition, there even more sniper and helicopter missions redesigned warfare rewards, a rebalanced zombie difficulty and many other tweaks made across the entire game.

Dead Triger 2 Updated

Dead Triger 2 Updated

Related to the balancing aspect, along with the new update, users will also get new features. For instance, the zombie difficulty has been rebalanced, and the number of fast zombies was considerable decreased. In the same time, multiple missions have been balanced, as well.

With more than 50 game sets to play in including the air combat from the helicopter as well as the environments from Africa and the numerous game tweaks, developers still need to do a lot of work in order to add new content. However, fans are glad to see their favorite game updated and prepared for new battles against zombies. Having more than 23 million downloads, the game has soon reached the top downloads and now it has become quite popular among users of all ages.

It is worth mentioning the fact that the game is real-time too, therefore, if you want to keep in touch with the rest and save the world against zombies, you better head out to your Android’s Google Play and download it. The game supports controllers and on-screen touch controls, and the Nvidia Shield handheld Android console will allows users to use pre-configured controls in order to succeed in their missions.

Source: AndroidCentral